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Education in Palakkad: Landscape, Scenario and Scope

Palakkad is a beautiful city in the state of Kerala that was declared a fully literate state in India. The city is bestowed with good number of population that can read and write, thanks to the free and compulsory education provided to all children up to the age of 14 years. Apart from this, the Kerala government is taking every possible step to improve the quality and standard of education. Palakkad offers good opportunities for education at all levels including school, college and university.

The progress that Palakkad has attained in the field of education during last decade is tremendous. Great strides have been made in the field of female education. A massive project for quality improvement in education is being implemented in the district.

Higher education in Palakkad got a major upward lift with the establishment of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Palakkad in the year 2015. Other than these, numerous engineering colleges exist in Palakkad offering engineering degree courses such as BE, BTech, BArch, BPlan, ME, MTech, MArch or MPlan in the region. Further most colleges are affiliated with a regional university. Similarly there are also numerous medical colleges in Palakkad, besides those offering health science degree courses in the region.
The distance education colleges in Palakkad offer distance learning programs and correspondence courses through study centers under distance education / open university scheme of Indian universities in courses such as MA, MSc, MBA, MCA etc.

School education in Palakkad includes early childhood, lower elementary, upper elementary, middle school and secondary admissions. Another important aspect of the educational sector in Palakkad is that it offers a wide range of choice in terms of courses as well as type of educational institute. The city also has a variety of schools like girl’s schools, co-educational schools and residential schools.

The educational sector of Palakkad is capable of reaching out to the people from different walks of life. Palakkad education is not limited to the privileged class of the society. It provides ample opportunities for financial and intellectual development to the younger generation, especially of the rural region.

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